Virtual Reality Demo Reel

The VR 360 Demo Reel is a selection of the technical and creative capabilities of Zachary Cole, co-founder of Trespass Films. Experience the elements in a series of 360 vignettes that include a calm lake view, a gorgeous day at the beach, snow skiing, a quiet forest and above the clouds. Also watch an example of technical 360 editing for scripted programing. The selections include both CGI and live action filming.

Scarehouse Warehouse

Scarehouse Warehouse is an unsettling horror short filmed in 360-degrees for VR gear, smart phones, tablets, and computers, captured from the point of view of the victims inside the haunted house. As the viewer, you can choose where to look as if you were inside the horror film yourself. Creatures can and will come at you from all angles. This short is an example of 360-degree filming for scripted content.

VR Camera Shop

Expand your reality with Trespass Films' camera rigs and Peau Productions customized GoPro cameras.

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